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GTK SDL. Just a Natural Step

This is simple widget that allows developers to use all the features of the popular SDL library onto your gtk/gnome applications. If you are trying to create some application that needs video, 3D, or any special multimedia requirements, with an easy and fast user interface, gtksdl is your choice.

Actually, this is only an alpha project, and you should use it like that. I started this project just because I did the widget for my own application some time ago. At first, I was able to render and use the widget for 3D with many tricks from a drawingarea widget. But after some documentation research, I realized that the best idea is to create my own widget to make the system even more robust, and also (specially for this), I want to contribute to the opensource movement, and I believe that this is the best way to do it.

I think that SDL can be a standard for accelerated videocards, and the future of the video/3D management on thew linux desktop is not far. Also, the portability of video games need more tools, like editors, level creators, engine test and so on. And a graphic interface where you can modify all the parameters of your code can makie the gtk/gnome choice more attractive.

Of course, gtksdl is under the General Public License, and the main idea is that other developers can contribute and add more features to the widget, making the gtk/gnome enviroment suitable for multimedia and end users who wants full graphics desktops

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